Blog: June 2019 – Quarterly Report


The antifa that turned out to shut down and Islamophobe hate rally in Edmonton, Canada: March 2019.

This spring was actually a little quiet for The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.  We only dealt with six requests for support over the past three months.  This is a slower pace than we’re used to but we were very thankful for the lull as it allowed us to catch our breath and try to build the Defence Fund back up to a respectable level that would allow us to make a real difference when people needed help.  In any event, that brief slow period looks like it’s over; as of this writing, we’re dealing with four new requests simultaneously.  It could be a hot, hot summer, y’all!

OK, a recap of what happened over the previous three months

Look, can we be straight with you?  This is hard fucking work we’re doing to support anti-fascists in trouble no matter where they happen to be in the world.  We0000000 need contributions from all anti-fascists to make this work.  We are counting on your to step up and give whatever you can.  This month only, we’ll offer you a little incentive, even: everyone that signs up in June to make monthly contributions to the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund will be entered in a draw to win an author-signed copy of one of these books:


Mark Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook or Gord Hill’s The Antifa Comic Book

Already signed up for monthly contributions to the Defence Fund?  If you increase your contribution amount by at least $5USD/month in June, we’ll enter you in the draw as well!

Source: The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund

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